How to change your life in 5 steps


Find your internal peace is not easy at all, for many: this take years, others months…but I have a way to make it fast and now. 

I’m pretty sure you want to start a new lifestyle, I don’t speak about “healthy lifestyle”, “fitness lifestyle” or “organised lifestyle”. Because lets be honest, maybe they don’t get with your routine or is just not what you entirely want. The only thing I can say is that everybody build a lifestyle and each one of it is unique

But what happen when you aren’t satisfied with it…well there you go: My Solution.

Make your old passion to wake the f*ck up

I even have a list for it.Here it is:

1. Realisation 

Well the first think you need to do is realise what is missing in your life? Do you really feel satisfied?. I don’t say this to make you feel miserable, instead of it I want you to find your way. To feel passionate about what you do. Don’t need to be a big think, may be change your attitude, have a good lifestyle or find happiness. All this beautiful things come with this phase.

2. Maximising 

Now that you have that point make a list of how it influenced in your life(friends, family, work) but don’t write to much just words or one sentence.

3. Whying (I know, sounds rare but have a meaning)

Say very loud(well not too much), why you want to change that.

4. Positivity 

Know you have this point. And pleaseeee just one point, I’m conscious that probably most humans (including me) have more than one but change your life is not a one night-change. Ok. Now make something that make you feel happy. Don’t need a big deal, just drink coffee, listen you favourite song or whatever you want. The happiness will increase your passion to do something.

5. Mixing 

At this moment you feel very happy(maybe just a little happy), what you have to do is start with your point: start your homework, save money to travel, chat with someone you love. All this new Adventures. Maybe you thing they are not big things but with time that will change your life.

The story behind this 5 steps began one month ago. I’m a very stressful person and I was getting the bill. My social life was at the bottom, I started to gain weight and my humour was affecting the others. I felt really bad at the moment because all the things that I enjoy wasn’t there anymore. 

So one day I said: NO MORE. I need to live my life in the best way I can. I settled my priorities and take time for myself, because you always run against The Clock but then you realise that there is no career, the problem is that is too late, you’re getting older, suddenly you can’t run back.

Enjoy every second because the life is short, I won’t tell you: make everything you want, because just face it. Maybe you have restrictions to do this(money, job, teenager) but change something that is ruining your life TODAY, because resignation is a snowball, it just grow with time.

I hope that you can practice this. No Procastination, start this now. You can freely apply this steps the times you want…but one at the time.

With love,

Miss Wanderlust 


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