Lost in locations



Surprisingly I woke up with an awesome feeling of explore the city. Today is like this cloudy and cold days of fall, that’s why everybody thinks that I’m crazy (perfect exploration day😅) but I enjoy the art of losing myself everyday of the year. 

So I finish my class and start walking. 

If you know me well you might know I’m a feminist…but…Calm the f*ck down. I won’t tell you that women are best than men or start bitching about how guys are all cut by the same scissor, because is not TRUE. I think that we have to respect them if we want to be respected too. But today I won’t take that theme😌

What I admire from men is their adventure side, how they don’t be afraid of being lost. The problem of why many women don’t take this side out is because we want to feel secure, I don’t speak for all of us but even I was in that Bossy frame. Always know the address. But where is the fun!!!

So I decided to experiment The “I don’t know where I’m” Project. So I started to walk, first I wanted to go the Library, but here’s the thing: I didn’t know the direction. 

I ended walking in other way, seeing the river, old houses and fancy Middle Age churches. And a loooot of picture of course. 

And you know what, I enjoy it. My soul felt very happy because even if you lost yourself there always will be people to ask. But the feeling of accomplished a tour walk(free) give you some courage to making new things.

What I did today was an examples for life. You know why most men have bigger opportunities, mainly because they take risks. Sometimes we say: “Is just because he’s a man” but we don’t have to underestimate them. Take my advice, be more risk-taker. Not only to see the city, I mean in life. Don’t be afraid of new changes. Always they came with a bigger surprise.

And you always will find a way to came back home😊


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