Miss Wanderlust

Have you ever felt the enormous desire of travel, and I don’t speak just about the action. I speak about the adventure. That’s exactly what Wanderlust means and I personally think that we all have this in our hearts because it isn’t just go on a ride…is a feeling…is THE FEELING, what makes us humans. The necessity of discovering something, finding ourselves and take a risk of being the best we can.
That’s why I decided to be a Wanderlust. Because it is not an adjective. Is a lifestyle.
But how do we start this New Us (How?🤔).   

Well all this change come to me not many days ago. I had anything to do. I was alone and very thoughtful. Now I’m making my student exchange in a wonderful place called LĂĽbeck where this winter (particularly) is not very cold, instead it has lovely sunsets with cold wind. 

With all this amazing aura I said to myself: don’t stay at home!!!

That’s why I decided to meditate, just grab my phone and my headphones. Take a sit in front of the lake while listening my favourite songs (Børns the most). And even if you don’t trust me I begin to see my life (not in a creepy way), remember the good moments, focus my goals, think about the future and enjoy the present.

Have you ever felt lost, like you don’t have a way…well that happen to me. I’m in my Sophomore year. I’m a person with many interests and till end October that the old Sophomores leave I had in my mind what I want to do with my life. But this breaking moment when you realise you’re near to the finish line. Suddenly I didn’t know what to do. I have to be sincere…that feeling sucks. 

But that day in that bench, seeing what amazing is my life right now, not because I have a yacht and a long bank account because in fact I only have 10€. I saw my life like that because all my sacrifices bring me to where I’m now: In Germany, seeing a beautiful lake with an incredible sunset.  

Making a perspective of my life and the life of other people that are suffering, make me see that I have to feel very blessed and don’t let my fears to break me.

So I started to walk around the city, admiring all that beautiful constructions and looking at peoples face. Right there. I discovered what I want to do and I don’t say that like an all-day thing. My passion was travelling, without luxury hotels, expensive food and car tours…No, No, No!!! I want to taste the culture, the people, the market food and long-discovering walks.

Know you’re thinking: This girl is insane! Or …with that money! Well…no, I want a job, I want to study, I want my goals come true, but every time I have the chance I’ll travel. 

Believe it or not the whole idea of life is:           WANDERLUST 

Life is take risks, life is discover, life is desire and Wanderlust is being passionate about life. I want to be that. Someone that wokes up everyday feeling happy and powerful.

Maybe I didn’t lost my way, I just found one. 

Now I’m sure of my destiny: Living to the extreme.

Waste no time, live like a Wanderlust.


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