How to be a teenager

Ohh this time of your life where all seems to be good…for others.

Many people just don’t understand how difficult is this phase and not because they didn’t love it, that’s inevitable,no. Is because each person have problems.

The teenage phase. You’re not too young and you’re not too old. Childhood this phase where you can dream and be free of any that happens around you is over.

What I’m furious about is that everybody says: “ohh it’s the hormones“. Not really, if some teenage is having mood changes or something like that is not the hormones, because we’re like everyone else. If we are bad is because of somethings. All that movies where the teenage want to be an asshole or a rebel just because is what is “cool” are totally wrong.

Nowadays people thing we’re just a bunch of hipsters with Mom & Daddy Money. In short terms, the world see us as a joke. But what they don’t know is that we really have dreams, goals and aspirations

I personally hate when you come late to class or another reunion and the first sentence they say is: “your Alarm doesn’t work?“. That is pretty annoying because you don’t know the struggle for us when our alarm really didn’t work. Or maybe this person had studied the entire night for an exam, maybe had some School Project, maybe had to take care of their siblings because her mom or dad have to work extra hours. 

The fact that we live with our parents doesn’t mean all our life is easy. In this days everybody looks for the youngest employee, with a lot of talent and good grades. The problem is that more than 40%  of student doesn’t find a job according to their career. 

Now all is a big competition. We live in a constant “Maze Runner“World. You’re never the smartest, you’re never the prettiest. Between the pressure of being good at school, the pressure of fit in the “beauty” standards and the self-pressure you have to achieve your goals and be the person you want to be, all what you have is a little time of the day where you can relax.

I hope many people that is not a teenager can read this, because we’re more than external thing and hormones. We’re trying to figure our life out. 

Please be more comprehensive and remember that today we don’t have to much time to enjoy like you did. Now we must take care of our lifes.

With love,
Miss Wanderlust 


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