New Year Resolutions 

Hi everyone!!! (Wow…too positive)

A new year is coming, and you know what it means: Resolutions. Even if you’re not the tipe of person that make a list and plan all the year(ending do nothing), I know you have a dream, an expectation or something that you definitely want to do.

For me these time is a little more important, not only because is another year in my life I’m thankful for…also because is my Senior Year at school(😪). 

I know what you’re thinking; How you can be sad for the last year at these prison. Well even if you don’t believe it. I will. Maybe not all the homework and the exams but The Moments…happy moments that I have lived. Even if I in a New School, fortunately I have found such a good friends that have made all my days of boring learning. Amazing, funny and full-love days. Not always perfect but now that I make a recap of everything I realised that…yes…they are PERFECT.

Previously I saw an image about the Senior Year that basically say: Enjoy this year, make new thing, share more with your classmates. All the things you didn’t make because you was focuses in your notes.

So I started to think about it. And I can understand the struggle. Is the last year!!!. You don’t know if you need to be over-focus in your notes( because let’s face it: UNIVERSITY) or really enjoy all the the experiences you lost. 

That’s my New Year Resolution: Be next all this amazing people that have made my happy in someway. Because if you collect all that little seconds of happiness you will see that they have made you the person you’re today. 

Thanks to all the people that have made me smile, I love you all.
Miss Wanderlust 


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