What Christmas is about

Merry Christmas everyone!!!(too positive)❤️❤️❤️

Sorry for the late post but sometimes life just don’t want you to post😅

You know this time of the year: happiness, love and fun but for some of us it isn’t that at all, but WHY?!

Well it has a simple explanation: We are The Grinch💚…but I totally understand you. Is not the fact that you hate holidays is who you spend with.

I know maybe this sounds totally, no?…No!!! 

The struggle is real, sometimes you have to spend Christmas with your family but sometimes(mostly all the time) families aren’t perfect, I’ve been in that situation. My family(don’t talking about my mom or dad) like cousins and little nephews are a total mess. Come 20 minutes before dinner and go 10 after. During that time I have to look that their children don’t start a fire camp inside my freaking house.

Basically you don’t hate Holidays…you hate the way you spend it.

So next time some tell you Holiday-Killer(that sounds like an amazing f*cking drink🍹…PROST everyone) don’t take it serious.

And please make me a favour: spend any Holiday with someone you really LOVE, maybe your family, friends or boy/girlfriend. I can sincerely tell you that spend time(specially holidays) with your bestie or soulmate is one of the best experiences. Not only because you enjoy more, also you learn to appreciate the little moments that life gives you. You just ignore the fact that maybe you are barely broke🚫🤑🙅🏽 or you didn’t receive a present📱🙅🏽. Trust me👯👯👯.

If you’re wondering how I know all this things… I have an answer for it. If you read my other post(you should), you may know that I spend this Christmas with my host family in Germany. A very family tipe one, I was so nervous to act like The Grinch but I ended laughing out loud, eating a lot and enjoying all the moments even if it was a very traditional one.

But what was the difference… I mean last years I also celebrate with my family(not including my mom and dad…they’re pretty cool) and all was so boring, stressful and…just awful.Family Problems from ages ago coming out, kids crying and I cleaning all the mess because my mother was too busy cooking. But this time was different. Everybody helped in my host home, everyone was into this magical activity. Everyone committed to spend a good time. I love them and I think they appreciate me too.💞💞💞

I want you to have a new goal: Spend special days with people you really love to be with. Because a bad attitude not only poisons you, also the others around you. Maybe is good for a relationship too keep distance that be forced to be together👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Keep that in mind and enjoy every second with your loved ones. Smile and just enjoy. Even if you want to spend it alone…do it. Just make something that makes you incredibly happy.

All the love,
Miss Wanderlust (Sofía Prado…just in case😉)


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