365 Days of me

Day 1

To my fellas,

This happens when you have a ton of notebooks but neither of them can be used for writing purposes. Instead of that, I use them to show my artsy side.

Although that was my main reason I had another one to make this series.
Through the whole last year I suffered from many things, luckily they are not health-related, but mentally and emotionally.

I was in my senior year, I past through my last year of IB (International Baccalaureate) and I have to have a bikini body for my trip to Cancun. But it wasn’t so simple. The IB program sucks up my will to live. I procrastinated….A LOT. But not because I didn’t want to make something, it was because I have lost all the motivation to keep going. Also my mother suffered from financial problems, which is a little (a lot) hard not to feel empathy, I mean…I live just with my mom…so we cant hide things from each other.

Also I went vegan this year, but my body was so fucked up from my previous diets that my hormones were going crazy. That leads to an entire year of pain, I couldn’t lose the weight I wanted for my trip neither my prom party. I was so sad and mad at it. But finally I my hormones are okay and I’m starting to lose weight without the crazy exercise I used to do.

And the cherry on top was that I found I have some serious stress and anxiety problems. But I’m also a person that never want to show want I’m going through, not because I want to show myself as a strong person, but I don’t like people to feel sad about me, because there is crap in their life too, so they don’t need that extra weight from a friend.

I hope this doesn’t bothered you, but there is a resume of my problems that lead to the change I want to make in myself this year. But I will talk with you about that in my next post.

With all my love,



New series: 365 Days of me

Hello my fellas,

I’m starting the series: 365 Days of me as a project to see my progress as a person during a whole year full of new experiences like leave my home, go to University in another continent and living by my own. But also because last year leave a painful mark on my that I want to cure by myself.

But I will also speaking about my journey through the last year with all the experiences, such as the fun side and the bad side.

Maybe nobody is interested but this is way of making a diary (which I used to hate) and see the reflection of my actions.

I hope I can bet with my resolutions and recovered from a fucked up year.

With all the love,